This post marks the completion of our 16th issue of Bittersweet, focused on supporting families with special needs. What a joy it’s been to learn of all the truly inspiring organizations and supportive efforts here in our city. Thanks SO much to our contributors for contributing their time, talent, expertise, experience— Bekah Kitterman, Kim Palombo, Jen Godzwa.

In celebration of our five-year anniversary, Bittersweet recently hosted a Vision Night with twenty-five of our long-time supporters and key stakeholders. We have much to be proud of in terms of work accomplished to date, but are eager to take everything to the next level in years to come.

We shared a three-part vision for the next year, including building a home (brick-and-mortar), building a team, and building a scaleable infrastructure. We will be making vast improvements in the realms of creativity and efficiency, but will be taking some time this summer to overhaul our online strategy and platform.

We will launch a completely new everything on September 1st, featuring our new Bittersweet stories! We probably won’t call it that, but we won’t be using ‘zine’ anymore either…exciting changes all around!

Most immediately, we are transitioning our current studio (at 52 O St NW) into a cowork space for creative professionals to begin introducing that offering to our network. You can help us by booking our space (see below) for small events or workshops!


This summer we’ll be hosting a series of small events, workshops and happy hours to keep connected—stay tuned! We hope to see you around!

Kate Schmidgall

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  1. Lisa says:

    Wow! Such great news Kate. I’ve enjoyed every single event I’ve attended at the studio!

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