Do what you can.

You might’ve noticed a recurring theme throughout the Bittersweet Zine — do what you can. We strive to bring you valuable information, not solely to be informed but to also [...]


Org Story: The HSC Pediatric Center

Imagine this: Your baby is born prematurely, with an extremely fragile airway. He is immediately put on respiratory support to survive, but the prognosis is not promising. After a lengthy [...]


Life, Dignity, Understanding and a Hand

As noted earlier in this week’s very insightful Q&A with the lovely Comstock family, there is no magic bullet – no single right thing to say or do. However, below [...]


Q&A: To Do or Not to Do?

Last week, we published Lily Kate’s story and beautiful photos. This personal portrait was both powerful and moving. Yet, we at Bittersweet want to be more than moved. We want [...]


Lily Kate: A Personal Portrait of Hope and Overcoming

“Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.” -Madeleine L’Engle Perhaps one of the most powerful tools of understanding is story, and so we begin this issue [...]

Editor’s Letter: Supporting Families with Special Needs

This topic—supporting families with special needs—is perfect for springtime. The vibrant colors and messy splish-splash of the season offer a portrait of what life with special needs looks like. Brilliant. [...]


Welcome to Spring + Sneak Peek

Spring is coming (please, please, pretty please!), and with it, so many of the things we love — longer sunshine, sprouting flowers, greening landscape, and yes, a look into how [...]


One Small Thing

Social entrepreneurship is a meaningful engine of change – individuals using business to solve social issues. And we have shared inspiring stories of local social entrepreneurs doing transformative work – [...]

Social Entrepreneurship Resource Guide

For all those hoping to use innovative ideas to help solve social problems, here are some tips, tidbits and resources to consider as you are getting started down the path [...]


The Good Gift Guide: Connecting you with socially good products

Find gifts that do good in this year’s Bittersweet Gift Guide. If social entrepreneurship is using business to solve social issues, then the Gift Guide is Bittersweet’s effort to connect [...]